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The Alznner orthotic began as the life work of a German physiotherapist named George Alznner.

The design became the basis of the most effective line of arch supports in the marketplace today. His objective was to create a device that would encourage the foot to function correctly during standing and throughout the gait cycle. After an extensive and detailed study of the normal foot, he arrived at a design that not only provided support to all four arches of the foot but would also serve as a template for an ideal foot. A template he believed over time could help restore a pathological foot to optimum functioning and could also help a normal foot maintain superior function for athletes and top physical performers. It would be different from a shoe modification because it could be worn in a variety of shoes and was ventilated for additional comfort. Today many people are using orthotics in Flowery Branch GA to support their feet.

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Foot orthoses or just orthotics is specially designed devices worn in the shoe that offer support and structure to the foot. Although orthotics is often used to treat foot leg and ankle conditions, they are also being increasingly deployed in athletics to assist the participant in achieving maximum function and muscular efficiency.

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